What you get

  • My Bar

    Find the cocktails you can make from the ingredients in your bar

  • Signature cocktails

    Unique cocktails created by the best bartenders

  • Find my cocktail

    Let us pick the best cocktail for you based on the taste and style you like

  • Create your own cocktail

    Modify your favorite drinks and keep your own recipes in one place



Enjoy the variety of cocktails from all over the world and create a personalised list of favorite drinks in one place. Discover new tastes and flavors of signature cocktails specially created and picked by best bartenders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MixIt?

    MixIt is a unique pocket library of cocktails from all around the world and specially created signature recipes from the best bartenders. It gives a unique opportunity for “My Bar” selection or simply search the recipes by cocktail name or origin. You can keep your favorite cocktails and recipes in one place and discover what you can make from the ingredients you have. MixIt to your taste.

  • What cocktails can I find on MixIt?

    MixIt offers a huge variety of cocktails and drinks you can make from the ingredients in your Bar. You can start with the essential cocktail recipes and then move to signature cocktails or varieties of the cocktail types you like. You can find cocktails of different origins or try the new ones based on the spirit you like. Sweet, sour, or bitter, whichever works the best for you. MixIt to your taste!

  • How to use My Bar function?

    My Bar is a function that works as a “Home Bartender” by offering what you can make from the ingredients in your home Bar. Add to the list all the ingredients you have and Voila! You have the list of the cocktails you can enjoy including signature cocktails you can find nowhere else except this app.

  • Your Library

    Create a list of cocktails you like, personalize, rate, and comment. Save the edits you made, the cocktails you created, and the comments you left. All in one place. Share any cocktail with your friends in one touch.

  • How can I get MixIt?

    Download it from AppleStore and MixIt to your taste! GooglePlay availability is coming soon.